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Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to ‘blacklist’ dissenting sites

Although I sometimes criticise Alex Jones, this one ought to make anyone take note! It is serious and we have to keep the lines of communications open.

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Formation in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory

Formations in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory, Aug 14 2001, and in 2002.


Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? An intriguing monument, spare and austere, crammed with symbolism, placed there by unknown elites or their representatives, about 30 years ago. On the 8 sides of 4 vertical slabs,  a newly invented “ten commandments” has been chiselled in 8 different languages (English, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, Swahili, Arabic, Hebrew, Sanish). The first command  indirectly calls for the extermination of six and a half billion people from the face of the Earth through the inscription:


A spurious and dangerous statement when the population of the earth is closer to 7 billion  (only 6,5oo,000,000 more!). The planet can sustain  the world population but it cannot sustain the greed that is consuming it. That is the real issue.

The First Georgia "Guidestone" states, above all others...
The First Georgia “Guidestone” states, above all others…

Who do you think would remain if six-and-a-half billion humans were gotten rid of? Descendents of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers their minions and world administrations?  Slaves are needed to produce luxury and 500 million will do just fine. But how does one go about killing off most of the world?

“Vaccinating” the planet with a bioweapon with near-100% mortality would do it. Baxter is providing both the bioweapon and the vaccine against it to “civilized” Western peoples.

“Result: We can plunder Africa, we have no more competition from SE Asia, the oil is for our taking and only Western and perhaps Chinese sheeple remain” (from http://www.unfictional.com)

David Rockefeller at a U.N. dinner in 1994 said: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

Picture 34

The point is that your “guidestones” exist inside you. You don’t have to take instructions from a hidden “elite” who play around with eternal ideas of mastery and control and some false ideas of pulling all the strings. From my point-of-view  they are “wannabes” very badly. They don’t want just to possess the world for their playground, they want to possess the the universe as well.


You see, they (and this refers to “illuminati” as well as “greys) don’t have the intrinsic answers, the answers to the full budding, flowering and fruiting of the human nervous system. They want all want to have what it represents, though, and ambitious humans will squeeze the juice, the nectar, the vitality of life, from whoever may have an inkling, a seed, a glimpse, an idea, and they will kill for that information without a second glance.

The Conduit is within yourself

That is why the inner guidance system, from the immune system, the “ME”, the innate intelligence within you, to the conduit in your central nervous system connected to your endocrine- psychoenergetic body is also of great interest to them.
When I was studying existentialism, and, as a teenager, prowling the streets of Kings Cross in Sydney with Colin Wilson’s “The Outsider” under my arm, the “outsider” was already the alien in society. I was meeting people who claimed they were aliens in the 1970s. I was an alien by dint of the fact I did not fit in.

Whirlpool Nebula
Whirlpool Nebula

Today, the hum of meaning from within is as if still coming from afar. You could say it is coming from off-world. But if you really study it, the messages, and the inner calls to action, aided by mnemonic* devices like “crop circles”  —is rising up and emerging from inside individuals and from the soul and psyche of a people who no longer wish to be ciphers in a machine with no conscience.

Experiment almost complete.

*mnemonic: medieval Latin from Greek mnēmonikos, from mnēmōn ‘mindful’ — memory, mem, ME.

©Dr Mary Ann Ghaffurian



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Formation in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory

Formations in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory, August 14 2001, and 2002.



If I was off-world, and benign, or even curious, looking down on this planet, it would be a shocking experience. I might want to find ways to alert the inhabitants, whether they liked the way I looked, or not.





The details of the message of the crop circle, “Conduit closing”  is profound, because whether alien or human, the message speaks from the unconscious core we share, and that core knows that there is little time to make it through the evolutionary gate that is now moving, and bringing with it polarization:

There is:

1. the opening to the truth (with pain and pleasure combined);

2. the ego sensing its time is short, opts for greatest destruction to feel what it is like to challenge and meet the godhead face to face. Its challenge is actually this; to seek audience, to get attention, to rile, to be counted equal (with no evolutionary qualification).

"Prepare for impact" the ad reads, multimedia home theatre, 1997.
“Prepare for impact” the ad reads, multimedia home theatre, 1997.

3. denial and “business as usual’ which is tantamount to sleep.

However, the war is not happening with those who are asleep and who choose to remain so, out of a sense of primitive survival; they are those who concede with the lie; they are those who would sell you out if you threatened their sense of personal security in the face of threat, even anticipated threat. They could be family, colleagues, friends.  These have chosen to “go with the flow” of  information which complies with the dominant paradigm, those who willingly work and die in Metropolis because sleep is preferrable.

'We've got your city surrounded and we mean business" data company, 1996.
SPRINT Data company, 1996. Of course, it is not one image that tells a story, it is the aggregate message contained.

Those at war are those who have some idea of  the stakes; they are very high, and strangely enough they are not about money, oil, banks, FDA, not even your life; they are about the “right” to range widely, freely, exultantly over the universe: the freedom to explore, experience, take risks, dare, not in the name of ego, but in the name of  a completion process within and  true communion with  the underlying  intelligent source of the universe.

The stakes are not earth commodities, gold, iron, steel, uranium, even water (though that is the last act of thieving because life needs clean water to survive)— the stakes are what they have always been— your heart, your soul, your mind and your psyche. That is the bitterest territory. There resides the battle-zone, not outside. Whatever gave you that idea?

For this, the planetary war indeed shifts to off-planet, but there is no reason to blame anyoe else. We are doing it all alone.

Crop formation depicted in this article contain reminders of some of the rules of life engagement which cannot be bought or sold, nor loaned with interest, simple things like HONESTY, TRUTH, TIME, INTEGRITY. That is why when the chips are down and the evolution of  consciousness is at stake, it is important to realize one thing, though evolution is a tribal, species-driven, collective impulse— every person contains the universe, so the bottom-line is the choice the individual makes in themselves. No masking, no deception, no fog, or cloud upon which some imagined deity sits, one whose face you never see. Look in the mirror. It’s yourself.



And that is  the beauty of this whole charade, this game. Every person is a chosen person. Collectively humans become a chosen people, singly choosing. Humans will move into a Type 1, or Type 2, interplanetary civilization capability, one-by-one. Just like birth and death, and the migrating bird, flying over the landscape or the ocean, in spite of your flock, you are on your own. And in this glorious experiment that you already chose— you choose yourself. No religion, persuasion, mind control program, or outside manipulation should act to brand you, assign you, mark you, baptize you, or authorize you. In the end (and “endo” means “from within”, as opposed to “exo” which means, “from without”)

So here, the lines are drawn. You, each of you, I, me and mine, we choose ourselves.

1996DecWireRoadRacepic, TAGHeuer

The conduit is closing. The chance is real.

Make of this what you will. In my experience of this phenomena, crop circle to experiences of abduction or meeting higher forces, and regardless of whether it was printed on the field by an extraterrestrial or  by a scientist at a computer somewhere under or above-ground,  the message remains the same.

I  have experience of what it is like with the conduit within, open, and  with it closed. And I know for certain that the entire exercise we are under at this moment is a battle, a war, and a pogrom based on the designs of those who do not want your conduit  to be ever open. My research validated this over decades and I am certain of the results. More importantly what I discovered in the course of a lifetime seeking is that truth rings true, pings true  at the intuitive and deeply collective unconscious level, as well as that of origin, deep within. It is that level certain “powers” are trying to root the connections out of you, out of us, because then you will be outside their control, whatever they do to your body, your 3D reality, your here-ness in time and space.

“This is Me!” Saving the ME

How they play the game, masterfully, is through the manipulation of history. And in this way, they sew up the game of mind-time-space, through the play of time-space and history.

In this way, they manage you down through the corridor of time, down through the passage of the centuries. And in doing so, erase your “memory”. Your connection with who and what you are and that is the real ME. The Sumerian ME was a navigation device. We center our bearings on this internal secret device. Whay do we point to our central heart position when we say “This is Me!”. You’ve got to understand it here and now; the ME is the braain of your heart and your autonomic nervous system, in particularly in this case, at the Thymus gland. The centree of our immune response. That’s right. Any pesticides, chemtrails, heavy metals, such as barium oxide and aluminum oxide, or polymer compounds pouring down on our heads and getting in to our water supplies is not only depleting our water, it is attacking one of our last bastions of defence, our immunity, and in point of fact, our ME.

This ancient understanding should bring us to  wonder how abstracted language about our bodies and ourselves has become. The fact that when we say “ME” and point to our immune system center, we are validating an extremely important and actually self-evident connection. Yet, this psychesomatic reality we are mainly, if not fully, disconnected from. Instead we put all attention on to the “I”, “I AM THAT I AM” and the “I AM” cultic response.

In doing so, we leave the “ME” to medical doctors to administer to our weakened immunity, to  priests to administer to emotions, afterworlds and guilt responses, all connected to our immune system responses;  and we allow authority figures to manage the  world, based around war and fears of destruction. The little “me” is quietly waiting within: it is the child within us we have taken for granted and abused. Now it is being ripped from us via authorities who have learned immune destruction is an ultimate disembodiment technique as the ministrations of  embodiment are  taken over by medications, invasion, the military, entrainment, control and enslavement.

I AM, the great YHWH statement (booming down from Hebrew scribes, echoing the intention of despotic kings like Assurbanipal 7BC), and took the place of the body-centred ‘me’, inserting their “I” to be served. Other humans internalized a similar “I”, tyrants-in-the-making, as this “I” withdrew attention from the body, the psychesoma, and installed focus of intention, instead, in the great commissure of the left hemisphere, as its fortress-mentality. It retained its me, of course, denying the “I” to others and discounting their ‘me’s’ as nothing. This could be a fable. But it is borne out in history. The egoic “I” became dominant paradigmatically, particularly in the West.

In contrast, the ME is self-sufficient, yet internalized; it is centred on the immune response and so is very careful of pollution, for itself and all others.


It is not egoic, arrogant and self-serving; it is the part of ourselves that sits in the background and observes all is well, or isn’t, and when it serves itself, it knows that its self-care is actually the care of all others. It is the ultimate self as others position, while also self-serving. It is not egoic. If you think this is all about “ME”, then it is, but only once a more originary meaning is discovered, and the more innate meaning has been restored. Then we can embrace the ME again in ourselves without self-serving guilt and victimhood.

Language is as polluted as the waters, because “they”, those who pull these backroom educative monopolies, never want us to go “home”. This is because they know, on account of certain choices they have made, that they cannot. Their “alienation” from the people has occurred  because they cared for nothing but the “I”.

Populations are becoming disassociated, suffering “cognitive dissonance” (a fancy word for being stymied by minds more facile than your own and leaving you with no place to put the focus of your intention with a clear mind), because you have played into the fog-machine reality and took it to be true, real, and meanwhile artificiality was being manufactured out of the world around you and fed to you in fabrics, building materials, medicines, foods, and now a plethora of brain-wave and nervous system disruption frequencies.

You have been locked into a 3D mind-time-space containment and you didn’t look out, feel around, or work to be free from within the wonderful 3 Dimensional reality, even as it is restrictive, because At the same time, that container, your body zone, is your hope and your ticket, your self-selected authorization bureau  inside yourself housing all your defensive situations within the cellular lattices, DNA, molecular, biological  and fluid reality that as a functioning unit, you call yourself.

Don’t underestimate it and get dis-embodied, because then they’ll have you!

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Formation in the field outside Chilbolton ObservatoryConduitClosingpicA
Formations in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory

Recapping the information from Part One of this article, the crop circle evolution of a message, from 2000—2002, and their connection to September 11, may be coincidence, but maybe not. Especially in relation to the 14-17 August 2001 crop circles in Britain, where the message struck a chilling chord: “CONDUIT CLOSING.”

We will explore more of the meaning and the associations, below.

Picture 3

The impressions in the fields are either made by  human scientists and technologists, people who oppose deception, or they are made by off-world forces. Whichever, there is a deadly game going on in the world, a game of chess, and we are all in it, or being pushed along by the pieces as they move.

Physicist and engineer, Dan Winter said in conversation at Byron Bay, January 2008, that he thought a number of crop circles are engineered from below ground, i.e. from underground bases, utilizing computer software.  Plausible?

There is also the prospect  extra-terrestrial life is helping humans out as they witness our species fast destroying this beautiful planet and all of life on it.

Natural Boundaries and the Ego

This is not a “Prison Planet” whatsoever, created by reptilian ETs to enslave us. Do you read me? It is what the dominant human inhabitants have made of it once they perverted the sacred flame humanity was entrusted with. It is as simple as that. I spent 15 years at university researching why this was so and why there was this rottenness at the core of so much activity on this planet.

One can see in the pecking order of creation that certain species dominate; some are predators, some are vegetarian. However, animals stay within their boundaries, termed “maryadas” in Sanskrit. A Maryada means a boundary, where any given being respects the innate or inbuilt boundaries of behaviour in communication or even the hunt.  (Maryadas are the natural or innate relation of,  say, a marine creature to the sea— or seen as the invisible to the eyes ocean of space, permeated with the electro-magnetic field of cosmae. Within the macrocosm and the microcosm there are boundaries, patterns, paths along which billions of lives traverse and journey.) It is almost unknown for animals in their natural habitat to kill for pleasure. Monkeys have been shown to do so; I have known  a cat that did so out of envy. However, it is humans who developed this skill, destruction beyond boundaries, at a certain point in their evolutionary development.

Once a species of animal stands erect, spinal alignment changes in relation to the magnetic field of the earth. The animal walks upright and this changes its centre of gravity in relation to the earth. Standing upright brings with it the challenge of a new kind of evolution than when one went about on all fours. Speech becomes possibile, so to the ego and the establishment of the “I”.

As ego develops it can project to leave all maryadas behind. It can effect a gait in the world that ignores every other species. Whenever we look for rampant destruction, we look to the over-development of the ego, and we also look to which civilizations, countries, art-forms and people  celebrate ego more than any other. And whether we like it or not, that is where the cancer of society exists,  the loss of connection to the Mother Earth, the loss of “bearings” in relation to our place in the universe, the forgetting of the forces of attraction to natural things and the embracing of the artificial, the simulated and the substitute, on every level of existence, in their stead. Once a people lose their bearings in relation to the “gravitosphere”, they are lost, lost in space.

Lost in Space


Just like migratory birds rely on the tiny “chip” of magnetite in the pineal gland  of their brains to give them “bearings”— the navigatory system within them to find their way “home”, we too as humans have a number of “guide stones” within us, chemical, hormonal, crystalline to guide our path through planetary exploration and through migration across universes. These “guides” within us function to give us bearings of orienting ourselves in space in relation to our alignment with the magnetic forces of the planet and with the ionospheric bell in which we exist as life-forms, and beyond that, as star navigators.

Picture 12

Sentience versus Insanity, or  Gravity vs “Losing our Bearings”

However, if we do away with all our bearings, cut ourselves loose from our bodies, listen to the “spin,” the “noise,”and become consumed in it, becoming “anti-gravitic” happy, then perhaps without even noticing it, as we have become so ungrounded, we cede unconsciously, our sovereignty as embodied beings,  instead willing ourselves to inhabit virtual space, where we will not be able to inhabit our innate cellular systems with enough sentience to stop planetary destruction.

It will appear as if it is happening around us, but not to us. We will not feel anything because we will be so separated mind from body,  spirit from flesh. It is what can be called “fractionated” instead of “fractal.” It is the inevitable outcome of what Corker called the “great decline of human life” into absolute powerlessness against what takes their place, virtuality, artificiality, technology, death.

We won’t realize that some people’s minds on this planet are about colonization at levels it may be just dawning on us what others actually think about, and devise strategies for. Strategies we had no mind for, as they went ahead.

'The intelligent way to save your originals and your money'. (Ad for software.)
'The intelligent way to save your originals and your money'. (Ad for computer software)

The Big Disconnect

A.C.Griffith calls the resultant mind-set,  a “disconnect”. People are “empty.” Even if they see that what is going down is wrong, from untested swine flu vaccine shots being injected into their children, to watching the invasion of Iraq under prefabricated lies for tactical invasion, and seeing it like some sort of sports arena where ine team is going down!  On another note, when governments cannot stand up and stop logging of old growth forests, even as the same governments lament global warming and join the queue to give “carbon taxes,” you knew they were not listening. They never listen. Their terms in government are short; the memory of nature however is very long. And that is where one has to find the space inside themselves in which to “reconnect” — or else…

Rest assured, the new Magna V6 comes with an airbag'. Ad, 1994.
“Rest assured, the new Magna V6 comes with an airbag.” Car ad, 1994.

When you watch what is going on around you, from animal mutilations, to cats being cut in half in American suburbia, to high school mass killings, to millions enjoying cannibal-depicting films like Hannibal Lector and all the other shrines to victimization, death, blood, horror, serial killings and carnage that are the libraries of the local video and DVD stores all over the planet.  What should you think if you can drive your mind upward from the numbness?

You should already know society is ill with a killer-disease and there is an urge to self-destruct.
Anyone can see something is horribly wrong.
Anyone who still has their brain intact.

9/11 was a giant sacrifice, for what?

Picture 11

Getting back to the  Crop Circles now, when we look at the designs in the fields, their messages still seem ambiguous, so the only way to decipher them is in relation to everything else going on around us. The messages are universal. They are there, top-view, looking down on our world. They are generating bigger-picture intelligence, from whomever they come. And that is how we should read them.

What are we doing as a species to wake up?  At the moment, the prospects are still looking pretty grim. We have lost a good part of our navigation system, systematically rooted out of us. So when we view the crop circle phenomena, 9/11, war and containment in the lassoo of  media and common-speak, we have to simultaneously begin to withdraw our attention to a bigger picture.

'Is that the smell of chesnuts burning? Or just you neurological receptors going into overdrive? Get rteady for the biggest adrenaline rush of the holiday season. We're talking new games....you may never come down from your gaming high...' Wired, Dec 1996

“A Calculated Strategy”

“Rather than viewing the wars of the past decade – against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq – and the concomitant expansion of U.S. and NATO military presence inside all three countries and in several others on their peripheries as an unrelated series of events, the trend must be seen for what it is: A consistent and calculated strategy of employing each successive war zone as a launching pad for new aggression.

The Pentagon has major military bases in Kosovo, in Afghanistan and in Iraq that it never intends to abandon. The U.S. and its NATO allies have bases in Bulgaria, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Bahrain (where the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet is headquartered) and other nations in the vicinity of the last ten years’ wars which can be used for the next ten – or twenty or thirty – years’ conflicts.”
– Rick Rozoff, September 16, 2009, http://www.globalresearch.ca

Scrabble CD-Rom ad, 1996.
Teaching language, spelling and narrative skills. Scrabble ad, Wired, 1996.

The Plan –

The plan, underway for a while, is for Iran to be next. There is no need for provocation. The attitude is preemptive. The “Theatre of War” takes no hostages, not really. It is: “Win and live, and nothing else lives.” This is madness. This is insanity. This is the hubris that is bringing the planet down. This is a planned domino-effect for what is left of a free world that has resisted becoming pawns in the global empire so far—wherever you are. If you are not in the container by now, you soon will be. That is the plan. You are not chosen to live, unless you have sold your country, your mind and your psyche to the mass hallucination, and I am not talking to you!

Drambuie, Time Magazine, Nov 29, 1993
Drambuie ad to show human evolution, Time Magazine, Nov 29, 1993

It is not your country, your citizenship, your religion, your third-world status, your “first world” status, your dress-code, or customs that are at risk; it is the wiping of the cellular fluid matrix of your body and mind of its chance to evolve into any kind of citizenry that steps outside of  THEIR MATRIX—at all.  Those who sacrifice everything for power have already let go of the organic growth of the innate intelligence (the organic guidance system from within), not because it is slower. It would be a mistake to think that, but because at a certain point in human evolution choices are laid down enough to have set the organism on its evolutionary path, and on a time-line of inevitability, and not just as biological beings, but as spiritual entities. And it is at this level, in fact, our extra/ultra-terrestrial watchers have the most interest in us as an organism at present.


Devolution is ugly to watch and this is what we, in our own time, are witnessing.  As the shade-cloths come off there is no hiding from the sun of truth. As our embodiment disappears, it was willed.

Hyperspace, virtual reality, mutliple timelines, cyberworlds. multi-dimensions without a compass. How do you think you can ever navigate them when you cannot even navigate everyday reality in the 3D world based on natural alignment, cycladian rhythms, planetary attunement, resonance and mutual respect? Well, you can’t!!

Instead, you will get is disembodiment— the result of a very successful second inquistion. That is it.

1993TimeDrambuie b

This discussion may seem to have veered from those crop circles back by the radio telescope somewhere in rural England, but no, they are all intimately connected with what is happening right now!

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Three Questions…

The Bridge of Death has to be crossed and the Knights in search of the Holy Grail were just never cut out for it. Well, they were from the Type O biological entities, what more could you expect? Ha ha

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more about "Three Questions", posted with vodpod

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Star Trek Meets Monty Python

Camelot, Camelot. Sound the trumpets and have a good laugh.

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