Crop Circles can be seen as old hat, without us understanding what they teach. This is Part One excerpted from my ebook “CONDUIT CLOSING,” depicting a few of the circles that highlight the important message climax post-9/11 in 2002: “CONDUIT CLOSING.”  And why this might be so.

On the 14th of August, 2001, a new kind of crop circle appeared in an English field, right alongside  Chilbolton Space Observatory and radio telescope. The circle was not a circle however, but an oblong shape. Inside it was a face. The imprint or field technology was also different from previous crop circles as the image appeared similar to printing technology, made up of dots, almost pixels,  creating the face below, which could be seen by aircraft from the sky above.

Formation in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory

Formation in the field outside Chilbolton Observatory

This face image was followed on the 17th of August by a long rectangular crop circle close to the previous one and also above the Chilbolton Observatory (see below).

It is important to keep the date in mind — less than one month before September 11 2001, 9/11.

Picture 1

The fresh tapestry on the field  looked to all the world like the CSETI  “Message from Earth” datastrip, masterminded by astronomer Carl Sagan which was sent into space by NASA in 1974 from the Arecibo telescope, Puerto Rica.

That old message in binary code told anyone out in space who could read it, vital information about life here on earth. The Carl Sagan/NASA message to the universe, and the new one in the field in Britain were compared for differences and similarities. Interestingly, the crop circle binary code message had appeared in the field beside a radio telescope, not unlike the one that beamed the first message from NASA into space. Coincidence or ingenuity?

So now were extraterrestrials finally answering us back, in our own binary language, 27 years later?

Picture 3

Here are the two images compared, CSETI and Crop Circle:

The icon centred at the top of the Crop Circle rectangle (above left) is the sign for SILICON. In a similar position on the NASA message, CARBON is depicted  on the datastrip.
Both refer to the basis of life of the organisms depicted on the strips.

Serpentine lines above the figures 2/3 of the way down on each strip, and centered,  refer to DNA.
The suggested ET DNA is rendered more complex than the human.

The two figures are the broadcasters of this information. The human form is clearly visible in its proportions on the right image; a baby-like life-form with a very large head and short body and limbs is seen on the left.

The convex shape which looks like a roof over an “M” on the right depicts our form of transmission, a radio telescope. And if the creators of the crop circle clearly understood our message,  their basis of communication is different, perhaps electromagnetic, fractal.

Our species planetary position in the solar system (third rock from the Sun)  is also shown, while the described planetary position of the extraterrestrial life shows it belongs to the 3rd, 4th and 5th planets in their solar system.
The number of inhabitants on each home planet is also shown (theirs 21.3 billion, and ours 6 billion).

This interesting communication matched ours and provided an easy comparison of encoded data.

Then, we had  September 11, 9/11, the following month. So were the incidents in any way connected. It is possible the crop circles were not created by extraterrestrial life. Perhaps they were created by inspired humans with ultradimensional creativity and access to sophisticated technologies. Whatever the case, something was being stated, shown, step by step.

Now we go back a year, to 2000, to look at a few crop circles appearing then.

The year 2000…

Picture 7

A year earlier in the very same English field, this crop circle appeared (above). Some researchers compared this symbolic form to the symbol on the field rectangle that appeared a year later  Was this their symbol of broadcasting to us, these ETs?

Both formations show a central circle or focus on a symmetrical shape with supporting, interconnected forms suggesting fractality, a self-same branching seen in nature.

Then in 2002…

A year later… in a nearby field in Winchester, a new imprint appeared in a field. There was speculation as to whether the images the year before were a form of extra-terrestrial communication or a very clever ingenious human creation; and this new crop design was certainly far more direct.


It looks like an alien, one holding up a disk impressed with information.
What is more, it was decoded, much like a record, by an Englishman and the message was discovered to be in English, and what did it say? It said this:






Either the ETs had given a string of messages that were ignored and now they were leaving us to our world of peril. Or, some very clever insiders in government or military had found a way of spilling the beans in a novel and dramatic fashion — via crop circles.

In either case, a message was being conveyed and someone with some technology was going to a lot of trouble to communicate it!



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4 responses to ““CONDUIT CLOSING?” Part One

  1. Conduit is certainly closing and I believe its evacuation time soon.

  2. Raymond Gariepy

    I have been pRaying that things will improve
    Raymond Charles Gariepy

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